Pilot Club of Baytown
​Sailing into Service since 1949
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About Pilot Club of Baytown

On October 30, 1949, Pilot International chartered the Pilot Club of Baytown.  There were 18 members.  The charter was presented to Lucille Puderbaugh, president.  Living up to the goals of friendship and service, this club has seen many friendships formed and many friendships strengthened by participating together in fundraisers, conventions, and service projects.  Pride in early service projects such as furnishing the chapel at San Jacinto Methodist Hospital (now Houston Methodist San Jacinto Hospital), formation of the Cerebral Palsy Center, now known as the Bay Area Rehabilitation Center; joining in 1982 with the Evening Pilot Club to Provide Lifeline in the Area; sponsor a Latchkey Kids Program, erect Veterans' Monument at City Hall.  Pilots erect a bridge at Bicentennial Park, Provide a Red Cross van, sponsor Civic Night, honoring worthy citizens of Baytown.  Pilot club coordination of Alzheimer Walks to benefit Alzheimer's Association more than 15 years raised over $390,000.  Contributions and community participation increase each year - Pilot works with other community organizations with Relay for Life to raise funds for cancer research.  Pilot Continues to provide scholarships for high school seniors and nurses.

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2016-2017 Pilot Club of Baytown Board of Directors

From left:  Becky Baker, Director; Linda Cottar, 2016-2018 Director; Judy Wheat, Director; Jenice Coffey, Past President; Susan Pitts, Recording Secretary; Allene DonCarlos, President; Susan Passmore, President-Elect; Cindy Fehring, Treasurer; Gladys Pryor, Vice President; Carla Start 2016-2018 Director
Not pictured: Caren Bailey, Corresponding Secretary