In 1921, a small group of dedicated women from Macon, GA, joined forces to make a difference in their community. Drawing influence from the Mississippi river boat captains who steered a "true course ever," they established the Pilot Club--an organization dedicated to promoting friendship and service.

In 1949, the organization expanded to include the Pilot Club of Baytown. 

Today, the Pilot Club of Baytown, Inc. includes 55 area residents committed to making a difference in our community by promoting the awareness of brain-related disorders, as well as promoting programs focused on the education and social development of children, teens and families. Pilot members are business and professional leaders who share a common trait, the desire to help people in need and to make the world a better place to live. 

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Pilot Club of Baytown
Planting Seeds of Kindness Through Pilot for 66 years
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